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WELCOME to Agilogix – By optimising SPEED + COST + RELIABILTY we deliver ‘VALUE’ SOLUTIONS

world-map-connect-newWith an unblemished record in the Freight & Logistics Service Industry, Agilogix is recognised for the complete and competitive ‘solutions’ we deliver to our many Clients. We help our Clients to compress ‘cycle-time’, maximise ‘supply-chain’ efficiency, lower ‘end-to-end’ service costs and ensure reliability of ‘total-solution’ needs.

We constantly work with our Clients to understand their individual concerns & expectations. We are familiar with and aware of all the processes & procedures necessary to comply with International Customs, Cross Border & Maritime Protocols/Obligations and therefore are capable of specifically tailoring solutions in the best interests of our Clients. Just like in any Industry, there are unique challenges, hurdles & complications in Freight & Logistics too. Combining the wealth of knowledge, expertise & experience that our international Team of Professionals collectively possess, we are committed to delivering a reassuring & satisfying end-to-end service to our Clients.


aiga water transportation bg-512We provide a personalised freight forwarding service to all major international ports, with two departures a week. We are also renowned for our expertise in handling all types of cargo.

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air  icon largeUrgent freight requirements? Not a problem. We will attend to all formalities and air freight the cargo within the shortest time frame reliably, using our relationship with the major carriers.



pictograms-nps-misc-trucksAgilogix provides trucking services for commercial and residential customers, freight services to and from any point within UK.




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