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Global Marketing

The cornerstone of our success as a Marketing Specialist in the UK, representing Products exported by our many Clients worldwide, is based on our familiarity & extensive knowledge relating to the structure of the UK Market, the characteristics of the Sales Process, the influence of the Sales Channels, the effectiveness of the Promotional Tools and assuredly, also due to the strength of the relationships we have built over the years with leading Wholesalers & Retailers/Resellers.


We will survey the market and provide information relating to packaging preferences; we will provide a description of competing Products and relevant Pricing information; we will identify the most appropriate Sales Channels; we will evaluate the most effective Promotional & Communications tools & approach and we will ensure continuing presence & availability of Products at all selected Sales Points in the UK. Imagine the Assets, Infrastructure & Resources that will be required to set up all this on your own!!!


WE will effectively become YOUR Marketing Office in the UK.!!! We have a tried & tested Sales Process that can be constantly replicated and speedily implemented.!!!


As an Outsourced Sales Service Provider, we have, over the years, built a stable & productive Contact Database. Thus, cost-effective Telemarketing, Email & Direct Mail Promotions are our forte. We make regular & planned Customer Visits during which, we use our wealth of previous experience to deliver persuasive introductions/presentations that efficaciously establish acceptance for your Products and lead to the eventual inclusion of your Products in their Category Portfolio. Besides, we work very closely with several Channel Partners such as Agents, Wholesalers, Distributors, e-Commerce Providers, etc. Imagine the time & cost that would be otherwise incurred on Business Travel & associated Expenses, if you were to do all this yourself.!!!


Our Partnership Model is very simple and can be tailored to your specific needs. It is based on exclusivity and mutual cooperation. We will NOT accept the Marketing of competing Products concurrently. In principle, we cherish long-term and WIN-WIN partnerships. If you don’t benefit, we don’t either. Everything is transparent, mutually agreed and contractually formalised.