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BMW X5 DISMANTLED Vehicle 2002

BMW X5 in a Dismantled Form.
Year 2002 | 2979cc | Petrol | Automatic | 5 Speed | 5 Door | 4x4.
The Cost to Colombo will be LKR 930,000 C&F.
This is a vehicle with a mileage of 134,000 miles and in good running condition. The engine code is M54B30.
Can be shipped from UK in a Dismantled form WITHOUT the Chassis, Seats and Tyres.



Completely REFURBISH • RESTORE • REPAIR your ‘existing’ Vehicle by importing the advertised Vehicle in ‘dismantled’ Form. You will NEED to have or be able to secure a CHASSIS & existing Registration Certificate to benefit from this DEAL. We will purchase* Vehicle, fully ‘dismantle’ it at our Yard in the UK and SHIP it to Sri Lanka (without Chassis, Seats and Wheels). It can’t be shipped as a complete Vehicle and it can’t be ‘registered’ as a ‘new-vehicle’ as per Regulations in Sri Lanka.  We can secure any Brand/Model depending on your requirements/specifications – just contact us.


*conditions apply


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