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Half Price. Act now to Benefit

Make sure to SHARE this with your Friends & Family in the UK. Even IF they don’t think of sending you something this Christmas they will know how easy and cheap it is to send you some Goodies any time later. Your Family/Friend may still cheer you with a SURPRISE ‘Hamper of Goodies’ from the UK!!

We will COLLECT* the Box from them in the UK and DELIVER it to your Doorstep in Sri Lanka. They will be surprised at how simple and uncomplicated the whole process is. We do ALL the Export Documentation/Processing in the UK and when the Cargo/Goods arrive in Sri Lanka, we will clear it thru Sri Lanka Customs* and deliver it to your Doorstep.  How is that for ‘easy & uncomplicated’??  We will even SUPPLY* the Box to your Family/Friend for FREE!! NEXT SHIPMENT on 30 October & WEEKLY Shipments thereafter.


*conditions apply


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