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Welcome to our online documents section where you can download and complete at your convenience.

Personal Effects Section

Document NameDocument DescriptionLast ModifiedFormat
Shipping Declaration Form Shipping Declaration Form has to be filled and handed over along with your goods. 24/03/2015  pdfIcon
Door Delivery Service Agreement Door Delivery Service Agreement should be attached to the shipper's declaration from. This form is mandatory for door delivery personal effects sent to Sri Lanka. 24/03/2015  pdfIcon
Packing List The packing list document is used for customs purposes and is mandatory for personal effects sent to India. 24/03/2015  word

Commercial Cargo Section

Document NameDocument DescriptionLast ModifiedFormat
Shippers Letter of Instruction Shippers Letter of Instruction which you can download, fill in and email back to us. 24/03/2015  pdfIcon