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Global Sourcing (Procurement)

At Agilogix, we combine our extensive knowledge of the Seller Psychology & the Pricing Negotiation Process that is unique to the UK Market and concurrently, leverage our longstanding & favoured relationships with reliable & trusted UK Suppliers/Wholesalers, to enable our worldwide Clients to procure their requirements competitively & with absolute assurance. We follow industry Best Practices, utilise latest Procurement Strategies & Technologies and employ a streamlined ‘source-to-pay’ Process and accordingly, relieve our Clients from the stress & risk of having to place unnecessary Assets, Infrastructure & Resources on ground in the UK.


WE effectively become YOUR Buying Office in the UK.!!! WE become a virtual extension of your Headquarter Procurement Unit.!!!


On your behalf & relating to every RFQ (Request for Quote), we will research & qualify multiple Suppliers from our extensive Database; we will evaluate & identify the most reliable & capable Supplier; we will negotiate the most competitive Prices & Terms; we will ensure quality expectations & delivery deadlines are met; we will monitor & manage the total logistics and shipping process and much, much more on ground in the UK. Thus, we enable our Clients to secure substantial ‘cost & downtime’ reductions. We are a contingency based operation and thus, there are no ‘upfront’ Fees/Charges.


Our core business is Supply Chain Management. We make sure that the entire process, from Quote to Receipt of Goods, is effectively monitored, managed & executed comprehensively. Our understanding of the UK Market as well as our Logistics Management capabilities, place us in a strong position to be able to provide unparalleled cost savings and time-critical deliveries to our Clients.


While we possess the capabilities & resources to source, research, procure and deliver Goods of ALL Categories from the UK to any part of the world, we possess specialised expertise in the following areas:


  • Used Vehicles & Used Machinery/Equipment and used/new Parts & Accessories thereof
  • Catering Supplies & Equipment
  • Food, Drinks & Confectionery
  • Toiletries, Beauty, Cosmetics & Health
  • Laundry & Household
  • Baby/Kid Food, Toiletries, Nappies & Wipes
  • Electrical, Phones & Laptops
  • Home, Bath & Garden